Employee Dashboard

PROMOTIONS - Updated 10/22/16


Leader Board - Updated 10/22/16

Effective now we will start tracking teams for the leader board.  Using the step below please begin tracking each team.

1.  Once all participants arrive have them introduce each other and create a team name.  Write this down.

2.  If a group escape the room, use the COMPLETE ROOM button to end the timer

3.  Fill out the form that appears.

4.  When using Hootsuite use the team's name and a short witty comment along with the current hash tags and website url.  


Do not leave the game master station until the game is complete and guest are ready to escape.  All guests must be monitored 100% of the time while in the rooms.  This is because you are responsible for their safety, the integrity of the room and the props.  We must be able to identify which guests for negligible damage.   

Dress Code - Updated 9/29/16

Due to some reviews commenting about employee dress we will be implementing a basic dress code and rules.  

Once the Game Master Shirt arrive they will be required during your shift.

Shirts must be pressed, wrinkle free and stain free.

Bottoms or pants must be pressed, wrinkle free and stain free.

SMOKE BREAKS - Updated 9/30/16

Please take smoke breaks around the side of the building out of the view of customers.   If no one is in the office please ensure you have the office phone with you.


Wednesday5:00PM - 11:00PM
Thursday5:00PM - 11:00PM
Friday5:00PM - 12:30AM
Saturday2:00PM - 12:30AM
Sunday2:00PM - 11:00PM